France Mode : Specialist dresses evening ceremonies since 1997 !

France Mode offers on its website a wide range of elegant and stylish dresses for every event that occurs to you.
You will discover through their models, a range of sleek and stylish dresses for small occasions; but also, a range of beaded dresses and luxurious for large parties.

The mission of France Mode is always the same : Provide exceptional dresses for women from all walks. Developers and designers create unique France Mode models so that every woman can beautify themselves through their dresses.

France Mode collection is vast and diverse. France Mode offers dresses for all occasions and each dress is carefully designed, manufactured and produced.

France Mode has its roots in the south of France but represents the fashion trends on the international scene.

France Mode dresses are designed in matters of choice : chiffon, velvet, silk, cotton, lace, satin, linen, viscose and much. Luxury materials who know perfectly transcend the dress giving it its character. France Mode presents dresses perfectly fitted cuts, with bright accessories and just fall point in the pure delicacy, without flashy effect.

Share its experience and expertise, France Mode is able to advise you on the most prestigious models and more interesting for your customers. Commercial will be at your disposal to help you in your choices and advise you better.
47, La Canebière
13001 - Marseille
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